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4 Games To Look Out For In 2016!

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This year you will no doubt be working towards great grades and trying to survive another year. This is a given (you’re at uni after all!) but what can you do in your free time when there is no work to do, your friends are all busy AND you don’t fancy researching any more?

How about some good old video games?

They’ve been called the lazy parent’s babysitter because of their highly addicting content, proving that they can be a great way to stay occupied during boring times in life! When you just fancy kicking back but don’t want the passiveness of watching a film, you know where to turn.

You may have guessed that I am quite an avid gamer – well, as much as I can be at uni before feeling guilty about not doing enough work! My aim of this is to show you a few games that are coming out this year so that you can be ready to empty your pockets to the ever-growing entertainment companies. Try these on for size:

Rocket League (XB1, already available on PC and PS4)


By Psyonix Studios –, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Release date: 17th February

If you have a PC, or have any interest in Twitch and eSports, you may have noticed this gem of a game. It finishes it’s eighth generation appearance with Microsoft’s console receiving the game a whole 7 months behind the rest of them. The game is truly the epitome of “addicting gameplay”. I originally played this on my PC when I had my laptop and it led to several hours of my life disappearing into the virtual car football world that Psyonix made.

The game features tons of customisation options for your car, things to go on top (the top hat remains my favourite!), rocket trails for when you boost, wheel types, body types ranging from a van to a drag racing car, and millions of things to stick on your antenna.

The game modes they offer are all the same, just in varying sizes of competition. There’s a quick match option with 1v1 all the way to 4v4 for you to enjoy with bots or with friends. There’s a season mode where you and a bot (or 2 or 3) can make a team and play in a season of games – think more American football style than our football. There is also a system of modifiers you can apply to any game mode called mutations which include changing ball size, gravity, speed and even shape – the cube shape makes it unpredictable like a rugby ball!


By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

Far Cry Primal (PC, XB1, PS4)

Release date: 23rd February

If you enjoy open world games then you will most likely have tried one of Ubisoft’s open world FPS games in the Far Cry series. I started with Far Cry 2, the one with the online servers that actually sucked. It’s a fact. Don’t try to deny it.

Regardless, it seems they have learned from their mistakes and moves on to greater things with Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. Now, I can’t comment on Far Cry 4 for the fact that I missed it out due to other games coming out around that time and I have to say I feel it would’ve been a re-hash of Far Cry 3 but the internet loved it. I’ll tell you what else the internet love: The Far Cry: Primal trailer. The newest installment will see us cast into a prehistoric world with sabre-tooth cats and woolly mammoths! This game will no doubt be on my shelf as soon as it is released!


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The Division (PC, XB1, PS4)

Release date: March 8th

The Division is a game from the people who brought us the Tom Clancy games (Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six). The main attraction to this game that sets it aside to all other Tom Clancy games is the inclusion of a massively multiplayer online (MMO) world. The game itself has a single player campaign should you not be able to get online (on-campus accommodation might not allow you to do this, so there will still be something for you here!).

The gameplay mechanics that you can expect are similar to most third person shooters out at the moment. There will be a cover system which is reminiscent of Rainbow Six and Gears of War. There will also be a squad system so you can team up and avoid shooting your friends in a fire fight – literally, #squadgoals!

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (XB1, X360, PS3,PS4, PS Vita, PC, Wii, Wii U, 3DS)


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Release date: June 28th

The sheer amount of platforms this comes out on proves a point that LEGO games are as popular as ever. Personally I haven’t played much beyond the first six episodes of the Star Wars version of these games. I can say this though: They are VERY fun to play, especially when you have a friend handy. The co-operative mode of this game will no doubt be the same as the others in the series where you can have two controllers for two on screen characters. With collectables (that pesky minikit!), characters and vehicles to collect in a very humorous take on everyone’s favourite “space opera” series. And yes, I had to research what genre Star Wars belongs to in order to be completely accurate!

Have any opinions pr questions on these or any other games? Comment and let us know!



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