A Single Student on Valentine’s Day

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Oh yes it’s that day of the year again. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is one of those annual events you can’t avoid no matter how hard you try. For those of you in relationships, the majority of you will be spending it with your boyfriend/girlfriend. But then for the rest of us?  Take a look at some student’s thoughts who will be SINGLE on Valentine’s Day:

  • Why spend £3 on a heart balloon when you can buy two shots of Jäger?

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  •  Not being able to do your weekly food shop without seeing aisles of fluffy teddies and love hearts. All i wanted was bread and milk, not a reminder that i’m single and alone.
  • Receiving that one card on Valentine’s Day and already knowing it’s from your mum.
  • Taking advantage of the cheap offers on chocolate and wine.
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  • Going out with a mate on Valentine’s Day and having to convince people you’re not a couple;

*orders food at restaurant*

Waitress: “so how long have you two been together?”

  • Hating that one flatmate who continuously likes to mention how amazing their partner is and how they couldn’t live without them and blah blah blah.
  • Deciding that you’re going to spend some quality time with yourself on Valentine’s Day because who needs a relationship anyway? You need to LOVE YO’SELF!

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  • That one flatmate who suspiciously seems to receive a lot of valentine’s cards in the same hand writing.
  • Steering clear of all social media to avoid the long paragraphs about how in love someone is, or the endless selfies of couples…NOBODY CARES!?
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  • Trying to convince yourself you won’t give in to the soppy ideals of valentine’s….but find yourself watching Titanic alone and sobbing at the screen: “WHY DID YOU LET JACK GO, GOD DAMN IT, ROSE”.
  • Staring lovingly at your tub of ice cream and knowing Ben and Jerry are the only men you need in your life.

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  • “Accidentally” ending up on your exes Facebook profile to see if they’re any better off without you…
  • Contemplating whether it’s socially acceptable to pretend you’re dating your friend so you can take advantage of the food and alcohol discounts for couples.
  • Feeling sorry for yourself and listening to Celine Dion’s All By Myself, to which by the end you find yourself belting out the lyrics like Bridget Jones.
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  • Convincing yourself that seeing as you haven’t got anyone else to buy you a gift  or buy a gift for, you might as well treat yourself to those fifty quid shoes you’ve been eyeing up.

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Enjoy Valentine’s Day guys! 😉 



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