Another semester, another wonderful Christmas time

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Yep, it’s coming closer and closer to that time of year where the fat man drops down your chimney, eats your food and leaves you presents. Indeed, it’s finally the last few days until Xmas! So grab your mince pies and your candy canes and party like it’s 1999!

Sadly, though, this does mean another university semester is down with a short break for the Vibe Media platform whilst we all huddle with family, get really, really drunk and open all those presents we hide away, wrapped in endless amounts of wrapping paper and sellotape, then shove under a fake tree for people to open – exciting eh?

Not to say I’m some Scrooge as I love Christmas, as much as anyone else, but it does get tedious year after year and not forgetting the shock of your bank account at the end (That’s what student loans are for though, right?).

Joking aside, Christmas is one of the best times of the year where everyone can forgive, forget and generally come together for a happy and wonderful time. All sat round the dinner table scoffing away at those pigs in blankets, forgetting all your troubles and just having a great time.

Everyone here at Vibe Media wish you a happy and relaxing Christmas but please remember to be safe and drink responsibly (obviously it’s not going to happen but we can’t condone excessive drinking!).

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