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10 ways to get into the Festive Spirit

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Christmas time is known to be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, its something that brings the whole family together, the season that brings magic and that inner child out in all of us. However, it’s also the time university deadlines can become tedious and time consuming, causing us to hibernate in front of books and computer screens, with absolutely no sign of Christmas. At all. Its the time that when the word is mentioned, you get anxious and panicked over a dreaded deadline or presentation, rather then the previous warm butterfly feeling of excitement and joy. It is the the ‘season to be jolly‘ after all, so why not make some-what of a Christmas around university? I’m sure one day off won’t hurt.. or two.balls-2033_640

The big C is just around the corner so here is 10 ways to take a break from studying and get into the festive spirit with friends and family;


What better way to spend the 1st December than having a night in from the cold weather playing Christmas tunes, decorating the house with lights, hanging up baubles and rocking around the Christmas tree and with your family or friends?


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Still not satisfied with your decorations or don’t feel 100% christmassy? Well then, if you’re creative (or if just want to explore that kinda-not really creative but sounds fun side) making your own Christmas decorations is a great way to de-stress and get that magic feeling we wait all year for. Just sit down in front of the tele with some paper, scissors, a hot chocolate and GET CREATIVE. From making tree decorations, snow flakes, banners, paper chains, or even making snowman doors (which i didn’t know was a thing until yesterday), there’s something for all creative ability’s that will get the whole family involved. Trust me – once you start, you will be up all night!

Pet Photography Dog: Blue (Pomeranian)

Pet Photography
Dog: Blue (Pomeranian)


Sit with your family, children or friends and connect paper strips to form a chain marking each day until Christmas. As part of the count down you can take off a new strip each day, creating a fun alternative to the regular Christmas advent calendar and a great way to create excitement for the holiday season.


Christmas shopping is a great way to get into the festive spirit nice and early as shops start the Christmas songs, gifts and decorations from the 1st of November once Halloween is out of the way. Sometimes, its nice to get a bit of fresh air from studying, brave the cold with your winter coat, hat and scarf and walk around the Christmas stalls (selling everything from German sausages and jars of sweets to cool personalized baubles for the tree) and watching the colourful lights bright up the street as it soon goes dark. Going shopping is also a great way to take away the extra added stress of presents as it can be overwhelming looking at your long list of presents for your friends, family and of course your fussy sister.


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Going ice skating is one of my favorite things to do around Christmas as it means putting on my hat and scarf and finding my inner child. It’s the perfect way to forget about all the stressful uni work and let loose, fall over and look like a total moron with a soaking wet rear.


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Pop some popcorn and snuggle under the blanket with the fire on for a night of Christmas movies. Whether you are a fan of “Elf” or you’re more for “Polar Express”,  there’s a Christmas movie out there for all the family. My personal favorite is “The Grinch” and I can’t quite help but watch all the “Home Alone”‘s every year without fail.


Nothing says Christmas is coming more than a visit to Santa’s grotto, fake snow and reindeer’s. Take the time to take the younger ones to see Father Christmas, sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas. And if you don’t have any younger family members? Go anyway –  winter wonderland’s are normally packed with fun for everyone, whether it’s ice skating, rides, dipping marshmallows in the chocolate fountain or even wine tasting, it’ll be sure to get you into the jolly spirit. The day out also has lots of opportunities to take pictures and gain memories that will last a life time.

  11179459385_59dac13bfe_b     8. THROW A CHRISTMAS BASH

Pick out your favourite Christmas jumper and throw a party for all your friends and family. It’s a great opportunity to exchange gifts and wish them a ‘Merry Christmas’ (if you are not seeing them on the day of course). Its the time we can all get together with a few drinks, some crackers, party food and Santa hats – all without the manic stress of the Christmas dinner you receive on the day keeping you in the kitchen rather than with the guests. So use this time to truly catch up and share traditions, memories and those awful but hilarious stories of how your uncle got far too drunk last year and knocked down the Christmas tree or when the dog ate all the mince pies before you could even grab one.

       9. GET BAKING download

Bake a batch of Christmas cookies or gingerbread men. Not only is it fun baking and decorating them but you also get the pleasure of eating them afterwards – what more could you want? You can even get pre-made gingerbread houses from the supermarket with icing and sweets to decorate with inside if your one of those students who can’t find the dial on the oven.


Finally, writing on your Christmas cards for all your friends and family is another great way to de-stress from university studies. That’s until you make a mistake and have to rewrite the card out again (we all know the struggle). AND… if your feeling a bit more creative and still have the time after doing all of the above and your studies – you could even make your own personalized Christmas cards, but make sure to use lots of glitter!

If this has gave you some ideas but you are still unsure what to do this Christmas around Liverpool make sure to check out Charlotte Guilpain’s article on ‘TOP CHRISTMAS EVENTS IN LIVERPOOL 2015’ through the link below.





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