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Another year, another Vibe Media term!

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Another year, another Vibe Radio term. Yes, it’s that time of year again and ‘tis the season for Parkin (if you’re a Northerner), fireworks and Christmas festivity because the Vibe Radio crew are all back in action with a brand-new look for late 2015! The crew are ready to rock ‘n’ roll their way to a new term with some surprises along the way.

Whether you’re looking for some Oasis to give your Wonderwall a loving or wanting something more soft drink like Ellie Goulding, there’s a good chance it’ll be played. Here are some other scenarios where Vibe Radio might be the answer for you;

Are you looking for some chill down music for revision? Vibe Radio. Getting married and need some tracks? Vibe Radio. Having a brew? Vibe Radio. Friend upset because they got dumped? Vibe Radio. Bought a Pug? Vibe Radio. Pretty much any occasion you can think of can be fulfilled in some way or another by Vibe Radio and their
wonderful panel of hosts and shows. With brand-new software, it looks like the Vibe Radio team are in for an easy ride ahead – not to mention the brand-new site and home for Vibe Media! It’s the student radio station, created by students.

Not giving too much away, there will be an array of new hosts, shows and activities you, as the listener, will be able to get involved in. With many of the events across campus being advertised to the more exciting game shows being played live on air (with real prizes), there will be something for everyone situated on Vibe Radio. By the way, did we mention that there were real prizes involved?!

Some of the shows that will be situated on Vibe Radio are as followed with their respective time slots for you to enjoy:

Liam and Nathan’s Tuesday Takeover (6pm to 8pm) –  An all-rounded show with a BIG personality. Playing music from all genres and decades so you’ll definitely find something you’ll love. Banter, game shows and even special guests will fill this gap of your Tuesday evening so forget your Domino’s Two for Tuesday and stick Liam and Nathan on your browser (or preferably, listen to Liam and Nathan while eating your Dominoes? Now that sounds like a TOPing night!)

Reel Talk (Monday 4pm to 6pm) – This fun filled show will be an all you can eat buffet of Movie awesomeness. With live talks about the latest films you’ll be sure to find a review about that movie you’ve been craving to see. Soundtracks will also be played so if you’re in the mood for some 007 style rolling about then tune in!

Here is the timetable if your interested in listening to the whole schedule….

TIMETABLE2015 (1)radio-311676_640

We can’t give all the limelight to Vibe Radio though can we? As usual, Vibe TV and Vibe Online also start afresh and back in full colour for late 2015. Your favourite crew presenters and writers will be back to give you even more than you can chew off and some new additions too! One of these writers, being myself! Hi nice to meet you, I’m Nathan. *Formal introductions over and back to the article* – you’ll be finding much more content and by the sounds of things, it’s all hotting up for 2015/2016 with the new crew members on board.

Anyway, this concludes this blog post but make sure you keep hitting that refresh button to read more articles in the weeks to come!

Peace out!

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