24 Things Students Are Thinking In Lectures

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1. “Why did I go out last night” – at the time it seemed like a good idea, but now you’re trying to keep down the vodka you downed last night. Ugh.

2. “All my flatmates are asleep right now, yet here I am” – it’s hard not to envy your flatmates who don’t have a morning lecture and are most likely still wrapped in their duvet.

3. “I’m so cold” *puts hoodie on*. Five minutes later….. “I’m too hot”

4. “I’m paying 9,000 for this” *sighs*

5. Lecturer :*puts new slide up* 

Student: *looks up to copy notes from slide*

Lecturer:*changes slide*

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Student: “why, just why?”

6. “Shall I have a takeaway tonight?”

7. Student:*zones out for five minutes* – ends up missing 500 words worth of notes, deadline dates, the reading for next week and all other important information.

Student:*pays attention to the rest of the lecture* – takes down three bullet points.

8. “I’m hungry”

9. *gets a quiet lecturer* – thinks throughout the whole lecture; “can anyone else actually hear them?”

10.*own phone goes off*…*looks around*…“who was that?” *sinks in seat*

11. When a person gets up to go the toilet midway through the lecture and makes the whole row get up; “we just had a break…thanks for making me get up and move. You’ve successfully ruined my day”

12. When the lecturer attempts to make a joke and no one laughs; at least you tried.

13. When the lecturer just reads straight off the PowerPoint; “How is this taking two hours? I could read this in five minutes on blackboard”

14. “Why are there no hot people on my course?

15. “Will anyone notice if I eat food right now?” *tries to open packet of crisps quietly*

16. *sits in an uncomfortable seat* *fidgets for the entire lecture*

17. *someone sneezes* Whole lecture room: “Bless you”


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18. *walks into morning lecture* “How do other people have a full face of makeup on and look on fleek, yet here I am in a baggy hoodie looking like I’ve been dragged through a bush?”

19. *wakes up five minutes before lecture* I should get there just in time?”

20. “Would anyone notice if I fell asleep right now?”

21. Lecturer: “Okay, I think I’m gonna let you guys go early today

Student:*sigh of relief* “Praise the Lord for this great day”

22. *checks clock* “How is it only five minutes in?” *checks clock again* “six minutes okay, only 174 minutes to go”

23. Sitting at the back in a lecture room and having to wait three hours until the register actually reaches you.

24. “I’m thirsty”


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